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Chu Bubaloo

“[L]ike Frank Zappa doing a piece with Hawkwind and even a touch of Radiohead on the side.” (Kaj Roth, Roth and Roll)

Chu Bubaloo is the third album from guitarist and composer John Lee. Recorded in September 2013, this album captures a dark transitional period in Lee’s life. In the thick of depression and a recent separation, Chu Bubabloo is an intriguing memoir about failure, success, and possibility of purpose. Lee features musicians Graham Doby on drums, TJ Turqman on electric bass, and Matt Rippetoe on saxophone. Elements of afrobeat, folk, indie, jazz, and surf rock tie together Chu Bubabloo into an epic searing guitar story.

Tracks: 1. Intro Song 2. Diarrhea Puke 3. The Glib 4. Fish Out of Water 5. Baby Lulu 6. The Earth Demon 7. Life in the Dark

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